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Psoriasis cream found to help those with type 1 diabetes

A medication given to patients to cure a skin disorder has been found to alleviate symptoms of type 1 diabetes. In a small trial that was conducted on patients from US, doctors found that the drug called alefacept , when given to treat skin ailments helped the body of the patients to produce insulin which is a key element in control of type 1 diabetes.


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Researchers solve the mystery of the itch

The receptor which causes the sensation of an itch that originates in one place then travels to the brain has been singled out by scientists at last. The most important feature of this finding is that those people who suffer from severe conditions of itching could now be treated for their condition.

A Neuro-transmitter is a small molecule that the scientists have been able to single

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Natural treatment for your back pain

Back pain is the most common problem for almost every people. We all hurt our back in our absence mind. Sometimes it becomes very painful. But you can get rid off it if you know how to treat it. You should avoid the things which cause your back pain.

You should know about proper lifting methods and maintain a good work out routine for your back.

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Cocktail of hormones can reduce the risk of breast cancer in those most at risk

Research has shown that a cocktail of hormone treatments can reduce the incidence of breast cancer in women who are currently at the risk of getting the disease. Tamoxifene, is currently being used for the post-surgery management of the disease, while Raloxifene, Lasofoxifene, and Arzoxifene, are used for the management of Osteoporosis.

According to the study, based on the medical records of 83,000 women who are

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Treating Acne Naturally

Acne is a common skin condition that affects 80% of 11 to 13 year olds. It usually occurs during puberty, however some people do also suffer with acne in their adult life.

Many of the products that are available to treat acne on the marketplace today aren’t natural, and can cause some nasty side effects. An example is a drug called Roaccutane which is prescribed in

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Effects of Health Cuts on Alternative Therapies

Whatever the causes or wherever each of us feels that the finger of blame should be pointed, there is no denying the very real effects that the global economic crisis of recent years is now having on numerous areas of expenditure.

Here in the UK, one of the most hotly debated and contentious issues is linked to plans which can affect the funding of the health

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Stem cell research cures deafness in gerbils

Stem cell research cures deafness in gerbils

Deafness UK, the national charity, is a joint funder of the current ground breaking research that has proved that stem cells can actually bring back the hearing of deaf gerbils. It has now issued a warning, however, that only charitable donations can keep this valuable research going and needs continued investment to take this research forward and move

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Discovering the wonders of reflexology

If you have ever wondered what exactly reflexology, or fancied giving it a try yourself then you now have the perfect opportunity. Members of the AoR, or Association of Reflexologists, are running taster sessions in reflexology, which offer both demonstrations and promotions, to tie in with World Reflexology Week, which runs from the 24th-30th September 2012.

It will be very easy to find a participating reflexologist

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More benefits of a daily aspirin discovered

It has been recognised for a long time that taking an aspirin daily can help prevent a heart attack. Now research has indicated that it may also help reduce the risk of suffering from some forms of cancer. There are two conflicting studies, however, that are at odds as to how much the risk is actually reduced.

One study said that a daily aspirin could reduce

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A spoonful of honey could ease a troublesome cough at bedtime

A new study suggests that a teaspoon of sugar may help the medicine go down, or at least help the kids go down. as the study outlines the benefits of a spoonful of honey before bed. The study that took place in Israel reports that just a spoonful of honey may be all it takes for kids with a cough to go down for bed

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