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Getting into Cardio Fitness Regimes

How to Make Cardio a Reality

Getting your heart rate pumping and your blood stream flowing through your body on a regular basis is one of the most important things you can do for your personal health and wellbeing. There is nothing like getting hot and sweaty to keep your body in shape and your heart healthy. Unfortunately, most people don’t exactly love cardio and to

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Is modern life making you sick?

Is modern life making you sick?  Here’s what to do about it.

Our modern lives are more prosperous and physically easier than at any time in the past, but the benefits of the modern lifestyle also pose their own health problems.  Long hours spent hunched over our computers or mobile devices or sitting at desks leave little time for exercise. Blood moves slowly and sluggishly around

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Running Your First Marathon

So, your doctor has advised you to work on your fitness levels. Maybe they have been talking to you about how to lower cholesterol levels and lose a bit of weight. You have decided to start running, and have set your goal at completing a marathon. Is this a good idea?  And if it is, where do you start?

As we get older it’s important to

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Why Getting Active Underwater Could Be the Best Thing for Your Health

When people think about what’s best for their health, they seldom think ‘underwater activities.’ For those who have access to the ocean or a lake, however, you may really want to consider getting underwater – the benefits to your health could surprise you!

Creative Commons Licence – Courtesy of can be enjoyed underwater? Swimming is probably the first thing that comes to mind, but have

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My Personal Trainer Experience Gift

This guest post was submitted by Luke Barlow who found that a gift experience day bought for him by his wife helped him to get into a regular exercise routine and adopt a more healthy lifestyle.

For the past four years, my New Year’s resolution was always to exercise regularly and lead a more healthy and active lifestyle. But what with work, life, one thing and

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The importance of exercise and a good diet

It is amazing how much of a difference some exercise and a healthy, balanced diet can make to the way people look and feel. With the right food and drink, and an active lifestyle, consumers can dramatically boost their quality of life.

Often, simple things can make a difference. For example, by replacing unhealthy drinks like sugary carbonated beverages, coffee and alcohol with green tea people

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Coronary heart disease symptoms

Coronary heart disease occurs when the arteries that are responsible for supplying the heart with nutrients and oxygen narrow as a result of atherosclerosis.  The result of this is that oxygen and blood does not flow correctly to the heart, especially when the heart is under higher demand such as during periods of high exertion.  The most common symptom that people with CHD observe is

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Red meat nutrient in health supplement could be bad for the heart according to new study

New research has suggested that a red meat nutrient that is being sold as a muscle growth and weight loss supplement could actually damage both the heart and the arteries. L-carnitine capsules are widely sold online and in health food shops. They are marketed as a fat burning aid to slimming as well as a powerful muscle builder, and the advertising also claims they have

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Omega-3 can help minor heart problems

A new study from the US has found that adults with high levels of omega-3 in their blood were 30% less likely to develop minor heart problems than the group with the lowest concentration of the fatty acids in their system.

Omega-3, which is most commonly found in oily fish, has been found to have all kinds of health benefits, but this is the first time

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UK childhood obesity problem could overtake the US

Child obesity is not just rampant in America but also in the UK, according to a research that was done some years ago, showing that British children are getting big twice as fast as the kids in America. Unless the proper authorities do something about this, the number of obese children will likely only grow.

The government has made some efforts to raise awareness on how

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