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Shortage of nurses causes the NHS to recruit from overseas

According to recent research, the NHS does not have enough nurses hence they are looking to hire more from overseas. Nursing times reported that nearly 1400 physicians were last year recruited by 40 hospitals besides 41 more hospitals are looking to follow suit.

Considering that over the last three years places offering the nursing course have decreased by 2500, Maria Bentley of Nottingham University Hospitals Trust

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New improved flu vaccine on the horizon

According to scientists, they are very close to making a drug that would provide protection against all known forms of flu. The vaccines that are used for protection against flu have to be changed every year as influenza virus shifts its target.

Fortunately, researchers at Imperial College London have developed a blueprint for a vaccine that would provide effective protection against flu. The virus influenza is

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Migraines and headaches could be made worse with current medication

Doctors are being told that the old way of treating migraines and headaches might be outdated as it is now being found that too many painkillers can actually lead to an increase in headaches. Health experts think that many sufferers are actually ending up in far worse shape because they take so many painkillers so they are actually causing themselves to have more headaches in

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Central public health system changes

This month has seen a continuation of the transfer between several health related procedures and powers from the central public health system to local offices, managed by local governments according to the Department of Health website. This has in turn brought a lot of benefits, but also some anxiety. So far, it seems like the local officials are quite happy with the situation, but the

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UK childhood obesity problem could overtake the US

Child obesity is not just rampant in America but also in the UK, according to a research that was done some years ago, showing that British children are getting big twice as fast as the kids in America. Unless the proper authorities do something about this, the number of obese children will likely only grow.

The government has made some efforts to raise awareness on how

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80% of diabetic foot amputations can be avoided according to charity

According to Diabetes UK, about 80% of diabetes foot amputations are avoidable if there was better care. Many patients suffer because a lot of places are not equipped with the proper services to efficiently handle infections and foot ulcers. It is estimated that by 2015, there will be 7,000 more amputations due to diabetes.

Type I and 2 diabetes, when poorly treated, can bring about complications

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Horse meat scandal set to escalate

Environment secretary, Owen Paterson, stated that new tests show that a horse drug called pehnylbutazone that may be present in horse meat is potentially dangerous to the health of humans if consumed. He also told the public that they should expect more ‘bad news’ as the week goes on.

Paterson stated that international criminal conspiracy might be the reason that horse meat was able to get

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Home Oxygen Concentrators

People who require an external oxygen supply to breathe have for many years been dependent on oxygen tanks that need refilling on a regular basis, this in turn, requiring frequent visits to a source or from the supplying company to the patient’s home. The introduction of oxygen concentrators is a great boon to many patients, as this device offers much greater mobility.

The concentrator works by

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New research show that flu vaccine is largely ineffective against the virus

The flu vaccine give to billions of patients each year is Britain is nothing but a flu jab. The medicine is said to be an effective cure of seasonal illness, in real, it is being over-hyped fallaciously. It doesn’t work very well or protect anyone from flu and the vaccine has been promoted with false claims of its efficacy.

Scientists believe that flu vaccine is the

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Doctors advised to take parents concerns over their children’s health more seriously

Doctors have been told that they should be more concerned about parents’ complaints that their children are ill in order to catch more serious infections when they occur. New guidelines have been drafted on how doctors deal with fevers to make sure that sickness is caught promptly.

NHS advice body, Nice, put out a warning yesterday that medical staff often miss things such as meningitis because

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