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Why Getting Active Underwater Could Be the Best Thing for Your Health

When people think about what’s best for their health, they seldom think ‘underwater activities.’ For those who have access to the ocean or a lake, however, you may really want to consider getting underwater – the benefits to your health could surprise you!

Creative Commons Licence – Courtesy of can be enjoyed underwater? Swimming is probably the first thing that comes to mind, but have

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My Personal Trainer Experience Gift

This guest post was submitted by Luke Barlow who found that a gift experience day bought for him by his wife helped him to get into a regular exercise routine and adopt a more healthy lifestyle.

For the past four years, my New Year’s resolution was always to exercise regularly and lead a more healthy and active lifestyle. But what with work, life, one thing and

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A look at Samson’s Gym, Southampton

With increasing pressure on us all to improve our health and fitness, more and more are making the effort to join a gym and are actually leaving the house to make use of the facilities instead of the fee just leaving their bank account every month. Those who live in the Southampton area are very lucky in that they have a great choice of gyms

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DNA shown to alter during exercise

Exercise is not something that is capable of changing the genetic code of a human being, but it has been shown that DNA molecules do structurally and chemically change when people exercise. These changes are a sort of DNA modification that provides genetic reprogramming to increase muscle strength and help the body reap the benefits of exercise.

The type of modification that occurs to DNA is

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Why Spinning has Retained its Popularity for over Two Decades

Advertising Feature

In 1989 the fitness VHS reined supreme with health enthusiasts – commonly featuring Madonna or Cher tracks and a big haired instructor wearing luminous spandex.  Still, one gym in Santa Monica was trying something new, something fun and something guaranteed to shed over 500 calories in just one hour – Spinning.

The now acclaimed ‘fitness phenomenon’ was birthed in the late 80s and fathered by

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