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What’s Lurking in Your Toothbrush

How many of us finally shake that cold to find it rears its ugly head a week later? We tend to think that we have picked up a second bug and blame our compromised immune system when in reality we could well have picked up exactly the same bug as the first time around from an extremely unlikely source; our toothbrush.

Yes you read that correctly,

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Dental patients warned of the health dangers of cheap X-ray machines

Cheap dental x-ray machines pose a great amount of risk for health care industries. Dentists and staff members have been warned not to expose the patients to X-ray devices that emit harmful radiations. All those medical machines that are sold online may have negative impacts and affects when patient is exposed to them.

There is a cheap machine, called The Tianjie Dental Falcon, could cause significant

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Features of the Colgate ProClinical A1500 Electric Toothbrush

Electronic toothbrushes are nothing new and have been with us for many years now, so when a new one appears on the market we tend to have an apathetic response to them. However, when one arrives that comes from dental kingpins Colgate, and has the features of the ProClinical A1500 its time to lose the apathy and really sit up and take notice.

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Be defined by your smile, not your inability to

There is nothing as expressive and pleasurable as smiling. The majority of us take the ability to smile for granted. We smile when we meet someone we like, we smile at something funny and we smile to indicate our general well-being.

We are bombarded with images of smiling people. Unsurprisingly, advertising is full of people smiling over various products to indicate pleasure and contentment. We are

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Leeds Dentists

The Yorkshire city of Leeds has a long association with students, nightlife and partying, but in recent times it is becoming ever popular as a short break destination for couples, families, and just about anybody.

While Leeds can certainly be classed as a perfect destination for a city break, there is so much to see and do in a short time that you feel as if

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Parents urged to limit their children’s intake of fruit juice

People are being encouraged to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day and one of the main ways that children keep up with this intake is through the consumption of fruit juice.

However, the Royal College of Surgeons have recently highlighted that around 50 percent of children who are aged five years old, show signs of wear on their enamel. Dentists have highlighted that

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New video helps kids through basic tooth brushing

When your child is very young you should be cleaning their teeth regularly so that they get used to the feeling of a toothbrush in their mouth. Once they are old enough to hold the brush themselves and clean their own teeth, there are various ways to ensure that this becomes as much part of their daily routine as bathing and a good dental routine

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