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Optometrist and Dry Eye Specialist’s Top 10 ways to beat Spring Allergies

Spring is officially here! Warmer climates mean more time to enjoy and appreciate the outdoors. At the same time however seasonal allergies emerge in earnest to give us another ailment to fight.

From sneezes to sore throats, pollen problems to eye complaints, there is a long list that we have to potentially contend with.

Hay fever affects around one in four people in the UK. Yet sneezes,

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Finding cheap but good quality contact lenses

There are millions of people in the UK with vision impairments who have been able to put their glasses to one side and wear contact lenses. The problem is that these are an expensive item, and with the economy the way it is, many have had to stop using their lenses due to their inability to afford them anymore and reluctantly go back to their

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A new product could help millions of cataract sufferers

Cataracts are one of the most common sight problems that people suffer from around the world. These occur at any age and is the name given to the condition where the lens of the eye, or eyes, goes cloudy preventing the light getting into the retina. As this cloudiness can be scattered, vision becomes blurred and severely impaired, akin to looking through fog.

There are hundreds

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Pros and Cons of Laser Eye Surgery Revealed

Laser eye surgery can seem like a very tempting option for those who have tired of wearing glasses. Contact lenses aren’t exactly for everyone, either.

Although various treatments, like Optimax Laser Eye Surgery, can yield positive results for a variety of different eye conditions, there are post-treatment patients who claim to be unhappy. In order to explore why, we’ve listed a few pros and cons to

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Working all day on laptops and tablets can be bad for your health

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has recently issued a statement saying that people who work on laptops, tablets, or smart phones, after hours are risking their health. The Society have described these people as becoming ‘screen slaves’ as they continue to work on their commute or even after they have come home.

The health risks come from the poor posture which these environments tend to foster

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Eye implants trials exceed expectations

Scientists developing an implant for the eyes of blind people which will allow them to restore some of their sight have recently stated that initial clinical trials of the device have exceeded their expectations. The technology has recently been tested on British patients for the first time and these microchips have already been capable of providing people with some useful visual assistance within just weeks

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The risks of laser eye surgery

Millions of us are given local or general anaesthetic every day of the week for all manner of surgical procedures. One of the most common is laser eye surgery, used to correct both near and far sightedness as well as astigmatism. While this is considered to be a simple, run of the mill procedure, there are laser eye surgery risks you should be aware of

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Guide to Macular Degeneration or AMD

Age related sight impairment a condition known as macular degeneration or AMD occurs when the cells of the macula become damaged and stop working. Although the condition normally affects people at their 60s, this can occasionally happen at any age, but rarely. In the Western world, it is the most common cause of blindness and in the UK around 500,000 people are thought to be

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